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Provides applications and APIs for producing braille



Dotify provides a command line interface for formatting and translating a document into braille as well as embossing and manipulating PEF-files.

To download and use, see the list of releases.

Dotify Studio

Dotify Studio will be a desktop web ui for Dotify. Note that this project has not started yet!

For developers

API bundles

The following APIs can be used to extend the applications above or to write new ones.

Implementation providers

The following bundles provide implementations to some part of the APIs above. Typically, they do not have classes intended for direct use. Instead, they can be used by accessing classes found in the APIs.

Utility bundles

The following bundles provide classes intended for direct use. Many makes use of the APIs above and expects to have access to relevant implementations.

Developer tools

See also

For the specifications that these applications are based on, see